I write and talk about politics self-growth and so may things. Like to debate anytime

About myself: there is nothing much to know about me just an aspiring teenager a writer or blogger by hobby and a student by profession who has so so much aspirations for life. I am so talkative person who always give free ka gyan or informations about politics, tech, education and self- growth. I am Always in a habit of learning things and think more about country's future. And so imaginative person you'll ever meet but with practical thought.



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Current Obsessions

  • Podcasting

  • Blogging

  • Anchoring


  • Favourite series: tvf aspirants, money heist, Kota factory

  • Favorite movie: pk

  • Books recommendation: ek tha doctor ek tha sant by Arundhati Roy how to win friends and influence people. Alchemist Time management by Sudhir Dixit the almanack of naval ravikant

In search of

  • Peace

  • Viewers and supporters

  • And true friends

Best tips

  • Be Always in habit of learning new things from people and sharing things to people you learn more and share more

  • Start reading books daily

  • talk with more people

  • drink plenty of water.