#azadi ka Amrit mahotsav 🇮🇳

It's our 76th independence day and I wished you a very happy independence day to you 🎊 so this year I'm not gonna spoil your celebration by presenting some bitter facts but it doesn't mean we should forget it.

It's been just 75 years of independence from Britishers. But did we get freedom from casteism, communalism, and poverty? we didn't even complete 100 yrs & We started losing our liberties and our freedom right away. Maybe you do not agree. But the fact is that we are performing worse in all the indexes from press freedom index to human rights index. In every report we are not at a good level. That's what we should need to know. If we don't safeguard our rights, how can we guard our nation? We already declared partially free by the Freedom House report. Maybe you can criticize it by saying - they are defaming india but we can't refuse to accept the fact that the government had put hundreds of activists in jails, and the media is promoting communalism and hate, our privacy is now a joke, human rights violation And so on so forth

:( but true

I just only have the intention to write this post because we get this freedom through hard struggle and we can't just give it in the hands of others.

We cannot tolerate religious comments but we are ready to tolerate the economical problems given by the government.

“When we start discussing problems only then we can find the solution hence start discussion.”

A country's progress can happen only when you progress when you add something to it. For which you first need to be politically aware, start reading newspaper/enews and say no to tv news. And read the things that are genuine, unbiased and true.

IN LAST ये आज़ादी हमें खैरात में नहीं मिली है इसके लिए कई लोग शहीद हुए हैं और कई लोगो ने अपना खून बहाया है इसकी हिफाजत अब तुम्हारे हवाले वतन साथियो

And I'm really sorry for not being consistent but I promise I'll try my best and post regularly, though I already have three to five blogs in draft but didn't post because I'm not getting response from your side. now comment down below all your thoughts and feedbacks and suggestions so that I can improve :)


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