United Nation🤐 and the broken democracy all over the world.

If you are currently aware about Russia's Ukraine invade then you know about the thing that UN has not show serious action in support to Ukraine. Why the world's biggest peace keeping org is unable to maintain peace and why this silent will prove bad for the whole world. I always wanted to figure out this and this is a good time to know about it.

UN (United Nation) has been made with the objective of maintaining peace later it comes with new bodies like UNHRC, UNESCO, WHO, UNSC and all with other objectives like protecting human rights, world health, and all that stuff but this organisation is likely to be failed why am I saying this there is a reason behind it.

If we look at current situation at UNSC the draft has been introduced by US and Albania against Russia's aggression and 11 are in favor of draft and India, china and UAE has abstain (neutral reaction but we can say not in favor and aligning themselves with Russia)

From Indian perspective there is nothing bad than this that we are supporting invasion. Literally

Well now let's talk to the point if we look at UN's efficiency and maintaining discipline it was so poor. what we can expect from an organisation which had two permanent dictatorial members (china and russsia) The UNSC’s permanent members are: China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

How an organisation protect common people from injustice how they protect human rights who is fed up with Russia and China like country. India has recording highest human rights violation between 2019-22 how this organisation will be effective in protecting ourselves. Our human rights, our freedom, our liberty. How ?

When I was in my 5 or 6th we read about this organisation and I am proud of it that there is an organisation who exist to maintain peace protect human rights protect freedom, liberty, sovereignty all over the world but with the growing age today i think there is no such organisation who will protect us.

If we look at recent time Afghanistan incident or Russia's creamia invasion or now Ukraine invasion this organisation is likely to be failed in all manner. This organisation must need to be foundationally strong. As long as states like China and Russia are part of it, it cannot become a good and strong organization. That's why there is always New dictators emerge every time. That's why day by day No. Of countries are falling in world press index, world freedom index, etc Organisation must acknowledge their problems. And have to solve it.

Human rights violation over the world having this type of big organisation

In UNSC Secretary-General António Guterres : “We must give peace another chance. Soldiers need to return to their barracks. Leaders need to turn to the path of dialogue and peace,” he said. Read full what is happening in UN here

Ukraine wants to solve this issue with peace it's Russia's who wants to invade and extend Russian federation. Dictators don't understand soft language they must be understand by manpower.

Here with the context doesn't mean war I just wanted to say that there must be serious action taken internationally he is continuing invasion because he is attacking on conscience and he think that there is no one who can stop him. He can do what he wants.

”Do not supporting Ukraine means supporting imperialism & dictatorship”

This time I won't ask you to support or follow but I solemnly ask you to support Ukraine🇺🇦 support freedom support democracy you are the only one who can make change:)

On a short note

”When Dictators rule country it will always be destruction of peace and freedom”


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