God and the pandemic !

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Most of people refused to wear mask or say- "koi corona vorona nahi hai sab natak hai" (hey there is no corona this all are fake this all are drama)

Then just asked him one question- do you believe in god ? And ultimately he will loose the game.

People thinks how it is possible that every time in the beginning of year there is new virus comes in market and tried to ignore. they think there is no corona this is all are fake or drama, all this lines are literally Said by people who drives auto, travelers, people near me even my mom 😂lol

Then just asked them one question- do you believe in god ? Probably most of people answer 'Yes' and this is the time when you can trap them in net. You can argue that - How can you believe in god that you have never seen, never known, never felt have you ever question on your faith or just blindlessly preaching them everyday. So how dare are you to think and say that there is no corona which is proven who destroyed the Life of crores of people, destroyed lakhs of businesses, makes hundreds of children orphan, took away the jobs of millions of people, lockdown the whole world. And you say there is no Corona.

And may be after this he/she will ought to wear mask.

Further I added that people can argue with me that omicron is mild and all, for this my answer is do you want to be unhealthy even just for a week why should you want to take risk who even don't take risk which benifits you.

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Stay safe 😷 stay tuned !


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